Discover your sound

Your music should always be in line with your identity, whether it’s a curated streaming channel or specially produced audio.

We help you tell your story.

A venue is just that. It only comes alive with the elements you give it. The food, the colors, the life we invite in.
A venue’s sound sets the tone for how customers interact with these elements and with the venue itself.

Crafting music that aligns with your brand.

At ClicBeat, we develop your audio experience with tailored sonic branding strategies. We get to know your brand and your customers. Then, we personalize our services, from background music to unique sonic identities, to fit your needs perfectly.

In the age of AI, we believe that real people must be involved in the curation process to provide clients with sonic experiences tailored to their specific needs and aligned with their brand.

With deep ties to the music industry and expertise in marketing, retail strategy, and hospitality management, we operate at the intersection of art and commerce.

The combination of our services results in a comprehensive Sonic Branding Strategy

Music Services

Background music – Design and streaming


Our goal is to captivate your clients and enrich their daily interaction with your brand or venue via a superior audio experience.


We meticulously choose songs and broadcast them through our custom players. The content is designed to naturally progress over different seasons, days, and hours. For each client, our mission is to craft an unmatched music identity for a memorable experience.

Audio Production

Bespoke audio experiences do the talking for you. Your brand begins to take on a life of its own and tell original stories. Sonically.

With our productions, we combine high-end audio design with heartfelt sound. Our services include creating original audio content, voice casting, scriptwriting, recording, original music composition, and sound effect creation.

Brand playlists curation


Become the leader of your industry on Spotify with our assistance.

Traditional advertising models are losing ground with consumers, leading brands to pivot towards curated content to engage audience interest. Numerous contemporary brands maintain a presence on streaming platforms, capitalizing on playlist strategies to propel their success.