Helping brands and business finding the right voice to tell their stories



The Clic.


it all started with few cameras and the sound of the infinite number of pictures captured.

can you hear it?

Clic, clic, clic

... with work that naturally revolved, pixel by pixel, around photography and content creation.

ClicBeat, through its Clic division, is focusing on crafting creative digital content and combining it with long-term strategies. This way helping brands and business finding the right voice to tell their stories.




Long-term digital strategy

We assist our clients in identifying the needs and wants of their audience. Based on the research, we build digital strategies cathered to business needs. Because it takes a different type of thinking to create a brand that is genuinely sustainable and can transcend into the future.


social media curation

We manage, analyze, schedule and monitor social acounts on behals of our clients aiming to save time and improve the perception of their brands through social media presence.

Creative content creation

Defining creative directions, we put in motion our extensive network of partners whenever needed. This allows us to create content through various creative means, from copy writing to illustration and animation. Through creative direction we link the digital assets.


photography and videography

"A picture is worth a thousand words" it is said; therfore stories are better told through images. We use our know-how in covering a comprehensive variety of photo-video creations.



"Good content is not storytelling. It’s telling your story well."



Let's Clic

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